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Diva's Fajas

9561 Hourglass figure with a small waist and two sizes larger in the hips Black

9561 Hourglass figure with a small waist and two sizes larger in the hips Black

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REF 9561 – Jaiden

  • Stage 2
  • Compressión 3

Made in colombia your best choice, BBl Bootylove.

  • About the garment: Our new BOOTYLOVE BBL line is characterized by defining the waist with high compression and providing support to the buttocks while enhancing the hips.
  • Designed to Compliment your Body: This Powernet BBL girdle is designed to shape and slim down your waist, while correcting your posture. It has hooks on the exterior for high compression on your waist and back. Additionally, it comes with two extra sizes in hips and legs for added comfort in BootyLove bodies. This girdle is perfect for post-surgery, post-partum, and everyday use.
  • BootyLove BBL Shapewear: In this garment, we use 3 layers of powernet fabrics, including a Lycra Trim Shape layer, which help you get back to your preferred shape after surgery. This garment is perfect to wear after a cosmetic surgery or pregnancy to provide you with high compression to effectively slim down your waist and correct your posture.
  • Size Chart Notice: Please read the size chart and measure your hips and waistline, and choose the size that best goes with your measurements. Our garments are meant to fit tightly, to contour and shape your body for a firm and molded look. Our garments come in plenty of sizes from XS-5XL. Wear your garment confidently under your clothes. Be proud and own your molded physique in seconds with Ann Michell.
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