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Beige Stage 1 Girdle with Bra and Sleeves

Beige Stage 1 Girdle with Bra and Sleeves

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Introducing our Stage 1 Girdle with Bra and Sleeves, a comprehensive post-surgical garment designed to provide optimal support and comfort during your recovery journey. This innovative girdle combines the benefits of compression with the convenience of a built-in bra and sleeves, offering complete coverage and control.

Key Features:

- Built-in bra for enhanced bust support and shaping.
- Sleeves for comprehensive arm compression and coverage.
- Stage 1 compression level for gentle yet effective post-surgical support.
- Seamless design to minimize irritation and maximize comfort.
- Adjustable closures for a customizable fit.

Experience the ultimate in post-surgical care with our Girdle with Bra and Sleeves, crafted to support your body's healing process while ensuring maximum comfort and convenience.
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