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Diva's Fajas

Cocoa Knee-length shapewear with bra

Cocoa Knee-length shapewear with bra

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Introducing our revolutionary Full-Back Compression Garment, meticulously designed to provide complete control on the back, coverage for the bust, and high compression in the abdominal area. Ideal for post-surgery recovery, this garment aids in improving skin adherence to the muscle with consistent use, preventing sagging and promoting faster healing.

Key Features:

- Full control on the back: Offers optimal support and stability.
- Bust coverage: Provides coverage and support for the bust area.
- High compression in the abdominal area: Helps flatten and shape the abdomen.
- Post-surgery recovery: Aids in recovery after surgery and promotes skin adherence to muscle.
- Side closure with inner lining: Ensures a comfortable posture and prevents irritations.
- Functional for postpartum: Features a functional bra design for breastfeeding convenience.

Experience the comfort, support, and versatility of our Full-Back Compression Garment, designed to meet the needs of post-surgery recovery, postpartum care, and everyday wear. Prioritize your healing and well-being with our innovative garment.


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