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Diva's Fajas

Mid-Thigh Faja with Wide Straps and Back Coverage

Mid-Thigh Faja with Wide Straps and Back Coverage

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Introducing our Mid-Thigh Faja with Wide Straps and Back Coverage, meticulously designed to provide optimal support and shaping for your body. Crafted with precision and comfort in mind, this faja offers complete coverage for the back and features wide straps for enhanced stability and comfort.

Key Features:

- Mid-thigh length: Provides comprehensive shaping and coverage for the midsection and thighs.
- Back coverage: Offers full support and stability for the back, ensuring proper posture and comfort.
- Wide straps: Provides enhanced stability and comfort, preventing slipping or digging into the skin.
- Versatile usage: Suitable for everyday wear or post-surgical recovery.

Experience the confidence and comfort of our Mid-Thigh Faja with Back Coverage and Wide Straps. Whether you're looking for everyday shaping or post-surgical support, this faja is designed to meet your needs with precision and style.

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